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Jurimark is a consulting agency acting in the field of intellectual property. In case you would like to be informed about Jurimark, or seek general information regarign what uintellectual property is all about, pleas klick on the left under general. For more specific information, we hope this website will provide what you seek.

Experience has thaught that sometimes entrepeneurs do not pay sufficient attention to intellectual property (IP). Naturally, your companies well being is worth quite a lot of attention. Hoewever, it pays back to spend a little time on intellectual property matters.

For instance, when your IP portfolio covers all you products, but you start to export, your protection will not be valid in the other countrie. It could also be that your products are infringing IP rights which do not excist in your country.
Therefore, in such a case, it is often advisible to spend a little time obtaining some opinions.

The above is intended as general information. We gladly assist you in translating this to your specific situation. Please direct all your questions to info@jurimark.nl . We will contact you within one working day, when you direct your questions by fax or e mail.