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Information about Jurimark

Jurimark was founded by Bas Pels and wishes to distinguish itself by:

  • A very fast answering of any question. Within one day we will answer you.

  • We are really interested in you and your company.

  • Our aim is to develop a long term cooperation with you. Our aim is to provide companies, which do not have a specialist in the field of intellectual property, with the same benefits as other companies have from their specialist. This also means that we are not trying to file as much applications as theoretically possible, but rather provide you with the services you really would have.

  • Very clear tariffs. If possible we inform you, before we accept a request, of our fees. If not possible, we charge our fees hourly, plus expenses. We specify these expenses in our debit note.

The above is intended as general information. We gladly assist you in translating this to your specific situation. Please direct all your questions to info@jurimark.nl . We will contact you within one working day, when you direct your questions by fax or e mail.