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What is intellectual property

The intellectual property can be considered as the legal protection against aping. It is a specialism within the trade related part of civil rights and consists of a whole range of different rights, all based on the idea of granting the right to exploit ones own ideas.

For most companies, patents, trademarks, designs and copyright are the most important aspects of intellectual property. Elsewhere on this site you will be able to find information regarding these rights. However, Jurimark gladly assists you with other rights, being part of the intellectual property field, especially plant breeders rights, trade names, and legal issues related to chip- topographies.

Apart from copyrights, all intellectual property rights have to be applied for. When granted, the protection the requested right provides for is at most what has been requested initially. An unintended lack of protection only shows up when it is needed most. Such a lack of protection can not be repaired and such a failure will thus be very costly indeed. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to risk a lack of protection.

Jurimark has been founded in order to assist companies in all intellectual property matters and is, through cooperations with agents all over the world, able to apply on your behalf for such protection everywhere.

Apart from the registration of all these rights, Jurimark is also able to assist you in the prevention of conflicts with others rights. We can do a search after existing rights, inform you about the consequences of the found earlier rights and if necessary, help you in finding a solution for the found problem. For you the benefit will be that when you introduce a new product, you will not face the risk of having to withdraw it from the market, because of someone else's rights.

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The above is intended as general information. We gladly assist you in translating this to your specific situation. Please direct all your questions to info@jurimark.nl . We will contact you within one working day, when you direct your questions by fax or e mail.