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Services related to trademarks Jurimark can perform

Perform a search after earlier trademarks to ascertain whether the trademark is available for your goods and services. The costs involved will be a pleasant surprise, and are much less than the costs related to a withdrawal or the re-introduction of your goods, under a new denomination. Most probably, you reserved, or spent, more on your stationary than such a search would cost.

Assist you in the choice of countries where to apply for trademark protection. When a trademark is available, this does not automatically mean that it is acceptable for registration. We always include in our report dealing with the availability of a denomination, whether we estimate the denomination fit for registration or not.

Application of trademarks. We guard the whole procedure and are, through cooperation with foreign colleagues, able to secure your rights world-wide.

Guard your trademark after registration in order to act in time should a third party apply for an infringing trademark.

Where applicable, we are able to lodge an opposition against the registration of a trademark, applied by a third party.

Trademarks can be sold. We can prepare the formalities and take care of the registration of said transaction.

Should someone else infringe your trademark rights, we are able to start actions out of court in order to try to settle the matter. If such an attempt proves to be fruitless, the attempt will enhance your chances in Court.

In case a settlement is not possible, we can assist your lawyer. This makes it possible to have your own lawyer, whom you trust most, to act in a trademark case, even if he does not know of trademarks at all.

A registration for a trademark is valid for 10 years, but infinitely renewable. We will remind you of the end of the period if we filed your trademark, or renewed it, for free.

The above is intended as general information. We gladly assist you in translating this to your specific situation. Please direct all your questions to info@jurimark.nl . We will contact you within one working day, when you direct your questions by fax or e mail.