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Patents are granted for inventions only. Such an invention may be a new apparatus, but can also be a new way of producing, or a new mixture. In order to qualify for a patent, the invention has to meet three demands:

  1. It is supposed to be new. This newness relates to all knowledge, everywhere, which has been published on the day of filing the patent application. In order to meet this demand, absolute secrecy relating to your invention is required.
  2. It is supposed to be inventive, an obvious invention is not patentable.
  3. It is supposed to be technically usable. Should you find a way to pay less taxes, this is not a technical invention. However, if you make a machine which calculates the profit from using this method, it could be a technical invention.
Patents are valid for a period of maximal 20 years. After grant a fee has to be payed yearly in order to keep the rights valid.

Patent law is a specialism within intellectual property. Jurimark does not employ any such specialists. Please refer to Altenburg Patent.

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